If you are searching for the latest manga stories, 뉴토끼 is one of the best places to read the latest manga stories. The best part is that this is a 100% free platform to read comics. But did you know which platform you were searching on?

Are 뉴토끼 good or bad? Hello, welcome to 뉴토끼 Official page. Today on this page you will learn all the facts about the 뉴토끼 platform.

There are numerous websites or applications on the internet and search engines block them every day because they are illegal platforms that share duplicate content.

Want to Read other official comics read stories for free? So stay on this page and learn more about 뉴토끼. You can find out everything about the 뉴토끼 platform here. When you visit, we will tell you the real official comic story platform where you will never miss the story updates.

Introduction to 뉴토끼


뉴토끼 is an illegal pirated comic story sharing platform that shares official comic story content such as webtoons, Japanese comics, and web novels without permission. It is also a movie pirate site that provides the latest movies and TV shows without permission.

These websites have gained popularity by using shared latest novels, manga stories as a source of duplicate reading, making it illegal for search engines to remove any ranked website from their search results.

And people search for this because they know that when one website disappears, another appears in the top results and they can still read premium stories for free.

Reading comics is not illegal but sharing any content to others without permission and making money online is an act of piracy and if you are found guilty you will go to jail so don’t do this type of work just to make money. Make some money online.

This is not the end. Stay with me as I will be sharing all the facts and knowledge about the 뉴토끼 platform.

How does 뉴토끼 work?

Well, as I said before, Google and other search engines remove these types of websites if they find that the websites are doing illegal things, but these types of websites will never go down and will always show up in the top search results.

So the question is how is that possible and how is it still not banned? So dear friends, this is the world of technology and in this world you can find many brilliant minds, 뉴토끼 website is one of them.

The way this website works is very simple as the owner of this website must be an advanced web developer with proper knowledge of digital marketing or web development. It is available in all countries as the developer plans to start a 뉴토끼 website. Register all domain extensions available.

Now they have created a website that provides latest manga stories online for free and now it is on the top results and millions of people visit the website and users add it to their favorites or subscribe as they know that this website is free platform .

Now search engine users brand your website and search it every day, but as you know, search engines find this website illegal and remove it from search results. But now it is a major part of website ranking.

The owner of this main website has many domain extensions and creates other websites with same domain name but different extensions and all extensions are different URLs and search engine treats. This is a new website.

Now all the users are searching for the 뉴토끼 website or some are visiting the old domain name directly, now the owner has the old domain and is redirecting it to the new domain, and already millions of users are visiting the main site and they are all visiting different web sites. site.

Due to high organic users, Google thinks it is an official website and gives it top ranking, this way new pirated websites also get ranked high and still make money online.

뉴토끼 How to make money online?

A very simple way to make money by running a pirated website as there are many platforms that provide instant advertising approval to any type of website or application, although trusted platforms do not approve these types of pirated websites. no see.

We can give an example of AdStera, which is a very famous platform that provides services for publishers and advertisers to manage their business , and all the piracy websites are using this method to make money.

When you visit the New Ho website, you will see numerous advertisements, and when you click on any link or story, a pop-up window will open right in front of you. This is an advertisement to make money online using the New Ho website . Please keep in mind that these ads come from unofficial sources and some, but not all, are dangerous for your device.

User Reviews

If you feel like you’re one of them when you read the story, users are giving these types of stories a 5 star rating because a story can have more of an impact than a video.

And 뉴토끼 website adult stories are also more liked by people, and the most important thing is that this is a completely free website and it provides all premium stories for free along with the latest updates.

Features of 뉴토끼

Many people enjoy using 뉴토끼 because it’s free, but most users only use it to get steamy content.

We can infer that this is the main reason for this website’s huge fan base or over 3 million searches per month.

Now let’s take a look at all aspects of the 뉴토끼 app. Please read on to learn more.

Free narrative.

Anyone can read all the stories on 뉴토끼, a completely free platform for reading or watching animated movies, by visiting the website or app.

Currently, there are certain websites in the market where you can read comics, but they are paid. There are a few free episodes, but not many.

Although a subscription is required to view full episodes, 뉴토끼 is completely free to watch and read, including the latest updates.

It’s simple to use.

When users first use an app or website, they want an intuitive or attractive interface. This is to ensure that frequent users can discover your content.

People may still use the app because of the platform’s colors, but the problem is that most websites use a lot of unauthorized advertising.

This can cause you to not get accurate results or make pop-up ads particularly annoying while watching a video or reading an article. Additionally, some text or video may be hidden from the user.

But none of this is a problem with the 뉴토끼 app. The interface is clean and attractive, with stylish colors that further enhance its appeal.

There are no difficulties in using this platform, and in my opinion, it makes the material on it easier to access.

HD videos and images.


In addition to text files, you can make your story into a movie, and 뉴토끼 brings your story to life. This app allows you to view stories in video format.

This allows users to watch videos over and over again, but the downside is that HD videos are not supported.

This is a result of the platform’s lack of HD video formats or slow internet bandwidth.

In these situations, consumers are likely to have missed the video or haven’t used the platform in a while. To solve this problem, 뉴토끼 now supports HD video format. Now you can watch all stories in HD resolution.

Live streaming.

People who don’t have time to download files can greatly benefit from live video. In these situations, you need a source that provides one-click access to the content you want.

There are many websites where you can read comics, but the problem is that none of them offer live streaming functionality, so some platforms do not offer this option.

뉴토끼, on the other hand, offers live streaming and you can watch all the stories with just one click.

This option allows you to select video quality or move back and forth through the video. You can also continue watching previously viewed videos.

Here are some of the amazing features of the 뉴토끼 app.


Latest update.

The most exciting feature in any content platform is its latest updates. We all watch movies and TV shows on OTT platforms, and if a web series is left unfinished, we wait for the next installment.

But because it takes so long, people tend to forget that the TV show itself and its appeal have disappeared.

This is why it’s important to update your stories. People will read the same stories more often if updates are provided consistently.

The same goes for 뉴토끼, which can be tedious as each story consists of hundreds of sections, which is the main appeal of the show.


Adult stories are very popular, but problematic because they are banned and only available on some platforms.

It may be boring or incomplete, but you can read these types of stories and watch these types of movies on the 뉴토끼 app.

By visiting this site you can read free stories that people use to watch these types of movies or stories.

Punishment for 뉴토끼 users

Watching movies or reading comics online using any platform is not a problem because it is not illegal, but if you download it and use it on your personal platform or sell it online or offline, it is an illegal work.

Don’t do this type of work just to make money, you can create a new comic brand by creating a platform to share information or design your own comic characters.

뉴토끼 Address (Link)

As you know, the URL of this website is always changing, so I cannot share the original live link of the 뉴토끼 website. Please use Google or other search engines to find the live website. All available links to New Rabbit are listed in the table. Please refer to .

How do I use 뉴토끼?

Accessing the actual website of 뉴토끼 is very difficult for the average user as this website is always banned from search engines and in this case it cannot be accessed using any internet connection.

But don’t worry. You can use a VPN application to access any blocked website or application in any country, so read the tips below to learn more.

  • First, open the Play Store.
  • Tubo VPN Search
  • Install for free.
  • Open VPN application
  • Select the United States or another country.
  • Once connected, open 뉴토끼.
  • Your website has now opened successfully.

Why 뉴토끼 Isn’t Banned

Because illegal sites can only be removed if the site owner is arrested, site blocking is only a temporary fix for two to three days.

However, the problem with this site is that no one knows where the operator of this site lives, and even the police cannot find the operator of 뉴토끼. Even Japanese police cannot find the operator of this site.

I’m sure the operator is based in Korea and is briefing police and other agencies to keep them quiet. What do you think is the reason why operators are not caught? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 뉴토끼 safe to use?

Although it is an illegal website, you can use it safely if you use an ad blocker.

How much does 뉴토끼 earn?

Looking at the user data, we can say that this website is earning more than 20,000 won per month. It depends on the advertised price.

Can I get the 뉴토끼 app from Facestore?

No, this application is illegal and you can use third party websites to download 뉴토끼 application.

Where can I download 뉴토끼 APK?

If you want to download this application, you can visit 뉴토끼.guru and download it, it is 100% safe on 뉴토끼.guru.

Is 뉴토끼 an official comics site?

No, this is an illegal pirated comic sharing website.

Can I start a website like 뉴토끼?

Yes, you can start this type of website, but keep in mind that you should not share any other content.

How do I use 뉴토끼?

If this platform is blocked in your country, use a VPN. For more information, visit 뉴토끼.guru.


뉴토끼 is an illegal comics sharing platform and shares content from other official websites without permission, and if you think we are the main website, you are wrong. We are just a knowledge sharing website sharing the latest news and tips from the 뉴토끼 platform.

If you are the owner of a comics platform and are visiting this website, please keep in mind that this website does not share comics stories, but the latest news from the Japanese comics world.

Lastly, I hope this page will help you understand “뉴토끼”, and if you like this page, thank you for sharing it with your friends.